Collectively Offering Diverse Education

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Ten Questions I interview by

If you have other ideas for questions, please let me know, this is a work in progress.


1.) Tell me a bit about your background, what was your childhood like?


2.) How do you like your childhood has influenced your life?


3.) What are you currently involved in?


4.) What would you like to be involved with in the future?


5.) What do you find important in life? What do you value?


6.) Why do you value those things?


7.) How do you illustrate in your life that you value those things?


8.) What do you think influenced you to have these values?


9.) Do you think that education has a role in teaching values and morals? If so how?


10.) Do you think society is valuing the right things or do you think there is a disconnect from what really matters?


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Happiness is not based off of a situation, person or environment- it is based off of a state of being.

A state of optimistic reliance on oneself. A realization of overwhelming power of their own mind to create their life as they please.

When a person is in this state of happiness, this state of control, it does not matter where they are or who they are with or the situation that arises because these factors do not influence their happiness.

They are able to make their time in life and realize the facade of life- the facade of impressing others- the façade of lack of belief in ones self- the facade of dependence upon others.

Instead they passionately live their lives for themselves. Participating in grueling tasks or hard situations because they have the weapon of happiness. Or they solely live hedonistically for themselves because that’s the life they choose for themselves, rather than allowing the world to choose it for them.

That wherever they are or who they are with they are never in one place or with one person- but rather they live in a collection of pleasures- in their own world of happiness that they created. Where ever they go this shield protects them from the sadness others endure.

This state of being
This state of happiness

But what makes this state of happiness?

When a person let’s go of all worry- all fears and is filled with the confidence in ones own ability.
Letting go of the need of acceptance from others.
Letting go of worries of failure
Realizing that in whatever situation- whatever people they are around- whatever environment you are in you hold the knowledge that you can control your reaction and the outcome of your life.

This means giving up fear, the fear of failing, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of everything you don’t wish to have in life and believing you will not have that and if the situation were to arise you have the strength enough to overcome.

The only thing that is holding you back from becoming is you. You! No one else!! I’m sick of crawling.

It is the believe that I can overcome, Life is to be enjoyed.

This state of happiness is not based on an item but rather a collection of characteristics a person acquires and strengthens thought out their life.

1. A belief in oneself. When they have to encounter a troublesome obstacle or person or environment- they have the belief in their self that they will overcome this trouble.

2. Lack of need for other people- therefore letting go of fear of rejection and living their own life as they please for their own means, rather than the means of impressing others. They dance with their eyes closed to critical people, tuned into their own music and enjoying life.

3. Its in being thankful for every situation that arise, for the small joys in life. To be thankful is to be able to realize how much you have. Having that curiosity and joy for what has come and what is to come and thanking your lucky stars the whole way for what the higher being has given you.

4. You must treat yourself as a temple for not everything is gained merely by thoughts. As strong as the mind is. This means eating right- exercising- living hygienically. Taking care of the temple in which your mind rests.

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Entering the Flame

I once read a story about a woman watching a mouth who danced around a flame. In a final triumphant moment the woman saw the moth fly into the flame. Afterwards the moth became a separate and larger light than the previous flame. This story symbolizes the determination the moth possessed and the sacrifice it had to endured to become a light. His whole being was sacrificed- his whole being created.

I believe I have met a moth.

With tall visitors randomly poking out of a sea of Guatemalan children the mass starts. Father Gregory stands in the center of the aisle, with his arms casually crossed, he joyously asks the children questions. As he causally walks around the church it is hard to believe the amount this man has created. I want to tell people, did you know he did this… did you know he did that… and so I am.
Upon arrival in 1964 with 3 months of Spanish school, and youthful determination he started his five year mission. Little did he know that this small community would become his world, his flame, and his five year task would turn into a forty-three year life mission. Fr. Gregory said there were difficulties during the beginning of his mission, “I was the only foreigner for a year, during which they took me in, taught me, took care of me and told me what I should be doing. Afterwards I tired to help.”
Tired to help. I cannot help but smock at the understatement, tired to help. He tired to help by providing dry milk and corn to the locals which later developed into a kitchen that rationed out daily food, about 1,800 cups of milk a day. He tired to help by walking 3,000 miles from St. Paul, Minnesota, his home city, to San Lucas along with Ronald Mota and Elias Jacinto to collect funds. When asked if this was true, he laughs and responses ” Well everyone has to do a damn fool thing in their life.”
He tired to help by buying land for over 1,000 families, constructing homes, schools, churches, orphanages, and clinics. He tired to help by providing on going services in four main categories of purchasing land, building houses, providing medical care and education. These are just some of the ways he “tired” to help, however, the beauty of the San Lucas Mission is not found in the projects, but in the vision.
The greatness of San Lucas Mission derives in the fact that the mission strives to know the community, rather than coming with a solution before knowing the problems. San Lucas Mission gives the resources needed so that the people can “make their own living on their own land.” as stressed by Fr. Gregory
“There is not a thing in the world that they can’t do themselves- if they have the resources to do it with.”
A current project involves the construction of a women’s center. This women’s center embodies the mission’s vision which is also reflected throughout San Lucas. Fr. Avram Brown, a previous visitor who volunteered for a year and helped with the beginning stages of the center explained that it is a place were women can come together, socialize, teach and learn. The center tries to restore the women’s sense of dignity as it is attractively built and landscaped with an array of bright plants contrasting against deep greens.
Fr. Avram believes the women’s center creates a “sign of hope- affirmation that- yes there is a value in the community and our commitment is to improving the life and conditions of the people here…after years of oppression, and violence the center is a vision of what human life can be.”
With a beautiful picnic area for families to come together, Spanish classes and gardens to grow fruits and medical plants, the center provides services the people have asked for rather than what volunteers have wanted to give. Unfortunately the project is on hold due to the lack of funding.
If you would like to volunteer, there is limited space available, therefore, apply five months in advance. Small short term groups or long term individuals can volunteer but drop in volunteers are not needed. Fr. Gregory desires volunteers to “come to be with the people and learn from the people, come and listen rather than to talk. It’s the most difficult thing for North Americans to learn.”
As I stand overlooking San Lucas, glancing from the farms, houses, clinics, schools, and churches, I leave filled with the inspiring knowledge that it can be done. The flame is calling.

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